17 March 2015

Where we are



We are in Tuscany, on the Argentario Headland. From April to October we guide you in wonderful dives on the coast of the Promontory, Giglio and Giannutri Islands (Protected Area) and the Grosseto Formiche Islands. You can afford the option of attend a personalized diving course from the first level to the Instructor level.

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The Argentario Headland together with Giglio and Giannutri Islands, is for  number of dives, one of the most important site in Europe. The reason of such prestige lies in the characteristics of his bottom, rich of Typical Mediterranean sceneries.
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Giannutri is the most southern island of the Tuscany Archipelago and its proximity to the coast gave it a big  importance and prestige already during the Roman Empire. Still today we can enjoy, near Cala Maestra, the ruins of an ancient  roman residence with many rooms, thermal baths and mosaic works. Together with its important past the Island, at present a Protected Marine Area, offers a pure Mediterranean nature but, because of its calcareous origin, it’s underwater that we find its better richness.
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Looking at Giglio Island from the sea we observe the differences with Giannutri: its heights but, most of all, its granitic origin with high and precipitous cliff,  infrequent sandy inlets and principally underwater the bottom falls down abruptly in great depth with a crystal water in a typical Mediterranean submarine.
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