20 August 2016

Aren’t you a diver?


Are you curious and passionate about the sea, but not (yet) a diver? You can join us in discovering the wonders of the Argentario, the Islands of Giannutri and Giglio! Sure enough, every day we organize snorkeling tours that will allow you to enjoy, with mask, snorkel and fins, our sea bottoms.

You can also approach the underwater world asking for a try scuba with an instructor: he will accompany you in an exciting trip, showing you new colors, looking to the fantastic show that the underwater world offers, and enjoying the experience of breath under the water!

If you want to practice free diving, to improve your aquatic and physical capability, to learn relaxation and breathing techniques to achieve balance between body and mind, you can contact us for specific courses that will enable you to increase the depth of your dives in the blue.